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Friday, July 26, 2013

Game Top Week 114

Game top 10 of the week #114 at e+Games

10. Robrun - Upgrade your robot to go further. But what I like the most in this game is music :) 8/10

9. Frost - Just a nice puzzle platformer with interesting levels and relaxing music. 9/10

8. BattleCry - Polished and well thought out strategy. 9/10

7. The Lonely King - I simply love retro platformers like this one. 9.5/10
The Lonely King

6. SEEK Space Rescue - Cool and fun spaceship game. I never said this before, but the music annoys me :) 10/10
SEEK Space Rescue

5. Desktop Racing 2 - When I heard the sounds for the first time I laughed really hard :) Serious game for sure :D 10/10
Desktop Racing 2

4. Clockwork - Pleasant and stylish puzzle. Like picking a lock I guess :) 10/10

3. Free Icecream - Started as an assignment for a level design class this game turned out in to really scary horror. [Rated for M 17+] 9/10
Free Icecream

2. A Duck Has An Adventure - I never played a game like this. Simply fun and amazing :) 10/10
A Duck Has An Adventure

1.Zombotron 2 - Awesome shooter with perfect graphics! I hope Zombotron 3 is on its way. 10/10
Zombotron 2