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Friday, October 25, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 124,125,126,127

I was away for vacations and we had several special charts: puzzles, race, shooter, horror and zombies, today is 4 week's top, nearly a month #game selection:

10.Pirate Monsters - Cute graphics, games from NowGames are better and better 9/10
Pirate Monsters

9.Wordle - I like #word/board games like this. I had similar board game when I was a kid :) #puzzle 9/10

8.Find Place Game - I would add ability to zoom to be more precise and anyway I love this gameplay :) #puzzle #travel 10/10
Find Place Game

7. Barons Gate - Amazing platformer, very high level of production :) #rpg #game 10/10
Barons Gate

6.Freak o' Lantern - [Halloween] Weird game, nice for Halloween %) 9/10
Freak o' Lantern

5.Gustavus Gore - [Halloween] Rated for Teen Cartoon Bloodshed - Lots of it! 9.5/10
Gustavus Gore

4. Sudden Aviator - Complex and precisely done top view #shooter that I love to play :) #game 10/10
Sudden Aviator

3. Age of Wonder - Very nice idea to upgrade #classic launcher gameplay :) 9/10
Age of Wonder

2.Huantar - Not too suitable with mouse, must be great on mobile, good gameplay and nice graphics :)10/10

1. Cyber Chaser - Finally I'm back to posting games: What a rush and mess, I haven't seen such runner/shooter #game for ages :) 10 /10
Cyber Chaser

Have an amazing day and fun on Holiday :) #games

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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