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Friday, October 18, 2013

e+Games Top Puzzle #1

I (7a) was away on vacations for 10 days and all the week cleaning up my work after it, so not enough really good games for the top this week. Best of puzzle games top this week instead $)

10. Golden Snitch - I feel like Harry Potter %) 9/10
Golden Snitch

9. Alice in ClumsyLand - A tale friend since childhood, came to life in this game 10/10
Alice in ClumsyLand

8. light-Bot - That's kinda nice. Don't be scared, it's not a real programming. More just a puzzle. 8/10

7. Untangle 1.2 - Indeed, great planar graphs theory based puzzle game. 10/10
Untangle 1.2

6. Electric Box 2 - I like engineering games puzzles ^) 8/10
Electric Box 2

5. The I of it - This story-game was brilliant!!! Short and very funny! 9/10
The I of it

4. Shift 4 - The original game was the first that I met of it's kind in alternative physics flash games. 4th part is still great puzzle #flashgame 10/10
Shift 4

3. sugar, sugar -  Great idea, great game, great social media work ^) 9/10
sugar, sugar

2. Liquid Measure 2 - Great idea and excellent polished implementation of puzzle #game ^)  9/10
Liquid Measure 2

1. DuBlox - Great math puzzle, awesome graphics, polished mechanics ^) 10/10

Have an amazing weekend my friends, work less, play more :) #games #HappyFriday

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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