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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Game Top Week 102

Game top 10 of the week #102 at e+Games

10. Jungle Collapse Cool and relaxing collapse puzzle + 4 game modes. 8/10
Jungle Collapse

9. GoMad: The Escape! I'd call this advanced escape sliding puzzle game :) 8/10
GoMad: The Escape!

8. Zombie Payback: Steel & Rainbow Wooden sword and shield are probably not the best against zombies, but you get like... magic and stuff :) 8/10
Zombie Payback: Steel & Rainbow

7. Circus Pop I always find the bubble shooters relaxing and fun. This one is well made and has some additional features. 9/10
Circus Pop

6. Electro String Rather short #avoiding #skill game. Took me about 5-6 minutes to complete all levels. It was quite fun :) 8/10
Electro String

5. Wonder Rocket I like the look of this launcher game. Easy and entertaining. 9/10
Wonder Rocket

4. Doctor Acorn It's like an interactive chain reaction machine puzzle made in flash which appears to be acorn journey :) 9/10
Doctor Acorn

3. Perfect Shot Cool VHS-styled graphics in this tricky intercepting shooter. 9/10
Perfect Shot

2. RUNNERIST I love those hardcore one button runaway games, stylish and addicting :) 9/10

1. Quantum Corps Retro future %) Good runaway #shooter #game with alternative physics :) 9/10
Quantum Corps

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