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Friday, May 31, 2013

Game Top Week 106

Game top 10 of the week #106 at e+Games

10. Downhill Snowboard 3 - Neat game when you have 5 minutes and don't know what to do :) What it needs is a bit more pace. 8/10
Downhill Snowboard 3

9. Cheese Hunt - Well drawn physics puzzle with pleasant music. But too easy hence quite childish. 9/10
Cheese Hunt

8. Raccoon Racing - Simply nice racer, nothing more and no less :) 9/10
Raccoon Racing

7. Rush Hour - You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic. :) 9/10
Rush Hour

6. Super Soldier - The only reason this game is on the 6th place instead of 1st is the fact that there's only 1 level in it. But if you want more of this style, check the awesome SUPERTANK! 9/10
Super Soldier

5. A Walk in the Park - A bit unusual gameplay and touching idea :) But that doesn't means it's not fun :) 9/10
A Walk in the Park

4. Xenocrate 2 - I like and hate this game in the same time :) On one hand it's a really nice Arkanoid with good dynamics, bonuses and stuff and on the other hand, it's too damn hard! :) I got through 10 levels during past week, and that's it :) Actually it's a good thing it has those cool old 8bit hardcore levels, but I can't afford that much time for playing :) 9/10
Xenocrate 2

3. Captain Skyro - Just a good slingshot game reborn in a fresh look :) 10/10
Captain Skyro

2. Mechs - Blue-print minimalistic look with interesting puzzles and weird connections :) 9.5/10

1.Assembots - is very much like Bad Birds, almost as funny and double as complicated :) That robot-dance is something that worth playing anyway :D 9.5/10

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