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Friday, May 10, 2013

Game Top Week 103

Game top 10 of the week #103 at e+Games

10. TapTapMaze Simple but stylish graphics + puzzle = good game. 8/10

9. StoneQuest Interesting and new for me #puzzle #gameplay, nice graphics :) 8/10

8. snakepongonoid2000 Funny idea and nice minimalistic implementation :) 8/10

7. Match Remove Level Pack New level pack for the really cool puzzle physics game. 8/10
Match Remove Level Pack

6. Jockstrap Slingshot 3D Nice Minecraft-style monster 3D shooter :) 9/10
Jockstrap Slingshot 3D

5. Ninja Twins Nice upgrade for a classic #puzzle gameplay and stylish oldschool graphics :) #game 9/10
Ninja Twins

4. Eggs Rescape Icy putt-putt/billiard game :) Relaxing and fun. 9/10
Eggs Rescape

3. Baba Yaga Fun point and click escape quest. Well drawn with lots of magic involved :) 10/10
Baba Yaga

2. Jump Over Danger I love skill platformer #games like this :) 10/10
Jump Over Danger

1. Morbid Grunge horror at its best! Yes, Pastel Games can create that too :) 10/10
Quantum Corps

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