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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Game Top Week 104

Game top 10 of the week #104 at e+Games

10. WordRage This game got me for a while. It's addicting somehow :) 8/10

9. Desert Monster 2 Music is just great and fits the game. Quite easy platform rider :) 9/10
Desert Monster 2

8. Disaster Will Strike 2 Very nice demolition physics puzzle a lot of ideas and not too easy :) 9/10
Disaster Will Strike 2

7. Steam Rocket I love those one button games, music is great, graphics are minimalistic and navigation is nice :) 9/10
Steam Rocket

6. Feed Me Moar Cute characters design and nice feeding game :) 9/10
Feed Me Moar

5. Red Ball 4 (vol.2) Legendary game strikes once again :) 9/10
Red Ball 4 (vol.2)

4. People Totally strange RPG :) But I like it :) Although I thought the ending will be different. 9/10

3. Zombiewest: There and back again Stylish shooter game, great vector graphics, nice music and lots of mess %) Oh, and nice idea with the running part :) 9.5/10
Zombiewest: There and back again

2. Obsolescence Interesting and unusual gameplay for shooter 9.5/10

1. Back2Back: Commander Precisely done and nice polished turn based strategy shooter game :) 10/10
Back2Back: Commander

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