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Monday, September 16, 2013

PC #gaming impressions of the week #3, #4, #5

I keep on trying to write more and more recent on larger PC games I play. It's mostly shooter - FPS, You know ;) Expanding this article PC #gaming at home: impressions, games, tech, stats, benchmarks and adding new ones like this.

It's quite hard to be an active gamer when You are a father of a new baby and have a large project near to launch. So only one post in three weeks and anyway %)

1. Metro Last Light [Online Game Code] - Metro LL appeared to have two different ending and I've failed to gather enough points for a good one, strange, I thought I was kind %)

2. Crysis 3: The Lost Island [Online Game Code] - is the only game that works in 3D for me, hope I find the solution without buying new glasses from Nvidia. Anybody any ideas?

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [Online Game Code] - funny and I thought that no voice in cinematics and appeared that I've got burnt DSP in my 5.1 amplifier, swapped middle and front right, works nice %)

4. Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code] - I've played for 22 minutes and the game is absolutely amazing so far: I haven't seen games that are playable and interesting from the very beginning :) Looks very nice on ULTRA, picture is stylish. Registration process is long and complicated trough. Going to play more and write more ASAP :)

Hope You like it, welcome to discus :)
Work less, play more, have an amazing week ahead of You, see You soon :) #gaming  

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