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Friday, September 13, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 121

#Game top 10 of the week #121 at e+Games

It was much more then ten good games to select from this week, hooray, thanks for uploading more and better #games.

Happy Programmers' Day friends and colleagues, thanks for making and submitting games :) #dev #gamedev

10. The Wing of Bomber 1.5 - 9 /10
The Wing of Bomber 1.5

9. Beach Crazy - Rushy platform #racing #game, I like music in menu very much :) 9/10
Beach Crazy

8. Mochi Ninja - Not usual interface solution and great idea/implementation of a platform #game :)9.5/10
Mochi Ninja

7. Goblins at the Gates - Complex and precisely done classic base #defense #game :)9.5/10
Goblins at the Gates

6. Knight Mighty Run - Not too acessible and polished and still very funny runner #game :)9/10
Knight Mighty Run

5. Ball Rolling 2 - I like those freestyle #drawing #physics puzzles :) null
Ball Rolling 2

4. Cheese Barn - Nice #puzzle, funny char and strong illustration #style :) #game10/10
Cheese Barn

3. Golden Intuition - Very good idea how to make classic board game mechanics digital, a lot of nice mini games :)10/10
Golden Intuition

2. Eastward Quest - Very nice up to date #casual implementation of a #retro #game :)10/10
Eastward Quest

1. Modern Fashion Salons - Respect: if You really want, You can make perfect and innovative game of any genre ;) 10/10
Modern Fashion Salons

Have an amazing weekend my friends, work less, play more :) #games

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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