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Friday, September 27, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 123

#Game top 15 of the week #123 at e+Games

It was more then ten good games to select from this week, thanks for uploading more and better #games. We've couldn't select 10 and this week 15 games on top. More Unity3d and HTML/5/JavaScript games are submitted recently, thanks once again :)

15. Cut the Monster - classic gameplay, nothing to add :)9/10
Cut the Monster

14.Radical Fishing - Added filters to CMS panel, cleaning up missed games, very nice idea and implementation of a #skill #game :) #dev 9/10
Radical Fishing

13.Musketeers - Rushy oldschool fighting 7/10

12.Priest vs Evil - I see this character for the second time lately, is it just famous or new addition to #zombie culture? :) #game 9/10
Priest vs Evil

11. Urban explorer - Classic platform racing game, nice setting and implementation :) 9/10
Urban explorer

10.Super Markup Man - More and more interesting #games on different techs for devs and everybody, nice idea :) #skill #dev 9/10 (HTML/JavaScript/iframe)
Super Markup Man

9.Hawkeye Gamer - Completely unexpected and it's interesting and addicting :) #quiz about #games 9/10
Hawkeye Gamer

8. Zombies In Space - Very nice #defence #game and zombies :) #zombie 10
Zombies In Space

7. One Up - Hurry Up - I love this classic #runaway #gameplay, #unity 3D implementation fits good :) We've finally fixed Unity3D in iframe, works and amount of ads on page is crazy now %) 9/10 (Unity3d//iframe)
One Up - Hurry Up

6.Pivot - Platformer with a twist :) #game 10/10

5. Zombotron 2: Time Machine - Ant Karlov Rocks :) #zombie #game 9/10
Zombotron 2: Time Machine

4. Supermaxx Racer 3D - Pretty realistic driving mechanics :) #unity3d #racing #game 9/10  (Unity3d)
Supermaxx Racer 3D

3. Sticky Blobs - Cool: nice to see extended/upgraded/inspired idea of World of Goo, great name far a #gamedev studio ;) 10/10
Sticky Blobs

2. Zombo Buster - I love pixel art, strong base defense #strategy implementation and zombies :) #game #pixelart 10/10
Zombo Buster

1. Enhanced! - Cool, haven't seen such a good platform #shooter #action for ages and great #artwork :) 10/10

Have an amazing weekend my friends, work less, play more :) #games #HappyFriday

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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