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Friday, September 20, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 122

#Game top 10 of the week #122 at e+Games

It was more then ten good games to select from this week, thanks for uploading more and better #games.

10. Notebook Space Wars - Interesting what is next in notebook series %)  9/10
Notebook Space Wars

9. Express Way - I like I love Traffic #game very much, let's play again with trains now, crossing rails are quite rear in real life :) 8/10
Express Way

8. Run from Wembley - 8/10
Run from Wembley

7. Pirates Save Our Soul - 8.5/10
Pirates Save Our Soul

6. Wild King - Flying turtle is a bit weird and the #game is really nice :) 7/10
Wild King

5. Karting Super Go - I like games by Turbo Nuke very much :)9/10
Karting Super Go

4. Detective Clara - 8.5/10
Detective Clara

3. Click Battle - Very nice complex #strategy #game :)9/10
Click Battle

2. Caribbean Merchant - Absolutely unexpected setting for a traffic management gameplay :) 9/10
Caribbean Merchant

1. Cursed Treasure 2 - I've spent with the first part nearly a month, the most addicting game of 2010, don't even try it :P 10/10
Cursed Treasure 2

Have an amazing weekend my friends, work less, play more :) #games #HappyFriday

PS. Share, plus and comment please ;)

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