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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best games for kids @ e+Games #1

We have lots of ideas how to develop our portal and blog.
Today's topic is more precise audience targeting. I'm a dad of a of a new baby so starting with games for kids :)

This selection of games can help You to teach Your kids to read, develop logic and style skills, focus  attention, encourage creativity or just involve kids and get them busy for several hours.

10. Tooth Fairy Dress up - I though tooth fairy is a man and he plays hockey ;) 9/10
Tooth Fairy Dress up

9. Jane Care Baby Giraffe - Cute graphics 8/10
Jane Care Baby Giraffe

8. Surprise Birthday Cake game - cooking is #trending :) 5/10
Surprise Birthday Cake game

7. Diego crystal adventure - Nice #platform #game for kids, reminds me of Aladdin at old PC 8/10
Diego crystal adventure

6. Guess The Word! - I love to read, spreading love :) 6/10
Guess The Word!

5. Modern Fashion Salons - if You really want, You can make perfect and innovative game of any genre :) 9,5/10
Modern Fashion Salons

4. Wake The Beauty Up - Very good quiz, nice that quest games are appearing again 9/10
Wake The Beauty Up

3.TwoThree - I've missed this amazing speedy skill shooter game somehow, found on stumbleupon today %) #math 10/10

2. Kids Shopping Mall - Nice but addicting customer service game for kids :) 8/10
Kids Shopping Mall

1. Monkey GO Happy Guess? - Funny character design and animation as always :) #puzzle #game 10/10
Monkey GO Happy Guess?
Like our selection, share it please :) #games

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