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Friday, June 7, 2013

Game Top Week 107

Game top 10 of the week #107 at e+Games

10. Cannon Blaster 2 - Sequel to the famous launcher-physics-puzzle game. 8/10
Cannon Blaster 2

9. Blockarelli - That's what happens when you apply some creativity to a regular collapse game :) 8/10

8. My Dinos and Me - Quite a typical game from Helmet Games, but what I like the most in it is the Daft Punk styled music :) 8/10
My Dinos and Me

7. Primal Sands - Extremely old-school top view shooter, created in Dune atmo. 8/10
Primal Sands

6. Super Samurai Sweeper - This is not some kind of Minesweeper implementation as you might thought from the title. Instead this is a really awesome TBS with cool animations and gameplay! 9/10
Super Samurai Sweeper

5. Orpheus - Very cool game with lots of details and nice graphics! Not to mention the ancient story itself. 9/10

4. Orbox C - Just a fun puzzle, but I like those neon-glowing line graphics. And, of course some tricky levels. 9/10
Orbox C

3. Tower Up! - Very well made and detailed rent-managment strategy. Almost everything you can think of :) 9.5/10
Tower Up!

2. Ninja vs Zombies 2 - You know what, this one should be #1 this week :) Words like "extremely well drawn" aren't good enough for it :) 9.5/10
Ninja vs Zombies 2

1.The Scale of the Universe 2 - But the first place goes to the game you probably well heard of :) All improved they said, 100 more objects :) 10/10
The Scale of the Universe 2

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