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Friday, June 28, 2013

Game Top Week 110

Game top 10 of the week #110 at e+Games

10. Jelly alien - Basically it's just a physics puzzle, but this game got popular this week, so here is :) 9/10
Jelly alien

9. The Terraspheres - This is like a fusion of the "Run From the Sun" and a platform shooter :) 9/10
The Terraspheres

8. Bertie the Butcher - Serious tiny business in this game with tiny murders :) 9/10
Bertie the Butcher

7. Young Villain - Game that brings smile and childhood memories :) 9/10
Young Villain

6. Spurt - Quality side-scrolling shooter with lots of monsters, levels and upgrades. 10/10

5. Monkey GO Happy 6 - 6th part of this never ending monkey business :) 10/10
Monkey GO Happy 6

4. Mini Commando - Quite short but nicely drawn adventure about WW2. 10/10
Mini Commando

3. Night Lights - Awesome retro puzzle platformer with interesting levels and Royksopp-styled music. 10/10
Night Lights

2. JECT - Extremely addicting yet minimalistic game with nice relaxing music. Couldn't stop 'till got through all levels :) 10/10

1. Daymare Cat - I just love the art and atmo of daymare games. And Mateusz Skutnik really is the best in this genre. 10/10
Daymare Cat


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