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Friday, June 21, 2013

Game Top Week 109

Game top 10 of the week #109 at e+Games

10. Silly Chicken - I was expecting to see something like Nitrome's "Silly sausage", but this game is all different :D 9/10
Silly Chicken

9. Holiday Sim - Game made especially for workaholics like me :D 9/10
Holiday Sim

8. Khalyze - Cool action shooter with bows, swords, spells and stuff :) But needs some improvement. 9/10

7. RETROZOID - Pure retro space side-scroller at its best :) Just space and square VFX :) 9/10

6. Ending - Extremely minimalistic game but proportionately addicting :) 10/10

5. Pika And The Aliens - No time to explain! You're a chicken all surrounded by aliens (on Mars apparently). What would you do? 9/10
Pika And The Aliens

4. Eat My Axe - Just a few words: don't mess with a barbarian axeman :) 9/10
Eat My Axe

3. Mushbits 2 - I'm very pleased that the sequel of this fun and cute game arrived to our portal :) 9.5/10
Mushbits 2

2. Alien's Quest - You probably know that not all of the aliens are bad. This one needs some help to escape from the FBI guys :) 10/10
Alien's Quest

1. Bob the Robber 2 - So I guess this is Bob the builder's evil twin brother :D Awesome flash stealth action :) 9.5/10
Bob the Robber 2

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